About me

Petar Sabol Sharpeye, born in 1981, took up photography in 2007. From the early beginnings, he was attracted to nature and its vivacious world. He lives and works in Palovec, Croatia. Apart from pursuing professional photography of events like weddings and similar celebrations, he is particularly interested in macro photography and wild animals’ photography. With his photographs, he brings to you the world of animals that cannot be seen by a naked eye and the moments which are almost impossible to be seen, except in his photographs. Since 2012 he has taken part in various photography competitions and started conquering the world with his remarkable photographs. Up to now he has won over 300 prizes. He participated 228 times in International Photo Exhibitions under high patronage of FIAP (Federation Internationale de l’art Photographique) and won 230 awards (117 honorable mentions and 113 medals) in over 30 countries. He also participate in PSA (Photographic Society of America) photographic exhibitions and won many valuable worldwide acknowledgements and awards. He is a bearer of an honorary vocation of EFIAP/b (Excellence FIAP Bronze level) and EPSA ( Excellence PSA). His very well known photograph ‘Natural abstract’ also won 1st prize in Macro category at 7th Emirates Photography Competition 2012/116 and is permanently selected into collection Bibliotheque Nationale de France in Paris, as it was in top 10 at Sony World Photography Awards. In less than 4 years he became most awarded Croatian photographer. He is a regular member of international juries in photography competitions. He use a SONY ALPHA equipment, from 8 to 400mm.

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